1. Locate the New Account Activation email from Google sent to your personal email account
  2. Click on the activation link within this email
  3. Enter Username + Password then click “Sign in” button
  4. Follow the prompts to create a new password

Important Notes

You will receive a DISC assessment order form from Onboarding@HawaiiLife.com. Once you've submitted this form, you will receive a link to take the DISC assessment (within approximately 24 hours). The DISC assessment is required by Hawaii Life. Your one-time cost is $115.

  1. Login to your Hawai’i Life Email Account
  2. Go to HawaiiLife.com and click red SIGN IN WITH GOOGLE button
  3. Follow prompts to grant access to your HL Google account
  4. Follow this Getting Started guide to be sure your agent profile on HawaiiLife.com is up-to-date

  1. Open the ZipForm activation notice recently emailed to your Hawaii Life account
  2. Enter Username (your Hawai'i Life email address)
  3. Leave Password field blank (upon initial log-in)
  4. Click Sign In
  5. Scroll to top input field and erase ZipForm’s pre-populated password (if there is one)
  6. Enter your own personal password; twice as required
  7. Click Sign In 


Important Notes

  • ZipForms Plus is free and lets you complete contracts more efficiently
  • Your HL ZipForm account contains our custom created templates for contracts and tagging of contracts for Docusign
  • If you already have a ZipForm account, you can export your current files and import them into your new Hawaii Life Zipforms account
  • New to ZipForms? Check out the ZipFormsPlus support page

DocuSign allows you to create, sign and send documents via email without relying on a printer or scanner.

  1. Click DocuSign login link on the Dashboard
  2. Enter your username (your Hawai'i Life email address)
  3. Create your password


Important Notes

  • All Hawai'i Life forms are stored in Docusign as templates
  • You will use DocuSign to submit contract reviews to your BIC

  1. Open the Salesforce activation notice (recently mailed to your Hawaii Life account) which contains your username (your Hawaii Life email address) and temporary password
  2. Click link within activation notice and enter user name and temporary password 
  3. Change your temporary password. Click on Your Name in the upper righthand corner of screen
  4. Select "Setup" from dropdown menu
  5. Click black Arrow nearest "My Personal Information" (to lower left of screen)
  6. Click "Change My Password" and complete required fields then click “Save”


Important Notes

Be sure to check out the Salesforce FAQs

Salesforce Help

If you need help with Salesforce send an email to Support@HawaiiLife.com

  1. Open the WordPress activation notice (recently emailed to your Hawaii Life account) which contains your username and temporary password.
  2. Click link and enter username and password to activate your account and login to WordPress.


Important Notes

  • WordPress allows you to publish content on Hawaii Life’s blog which is viewed by over 325,000 visitors monthly.
  • Hawaii Life Real Estate Agents must use WordPress for Hawaii Life online blogging. 
  • Before you begin blogging, please read our Blogging Guidelines & FAQs.


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