Activate Your Zipforms Account

1. Open the ZipForm activation notice (recently emailed to your Hawai’i Life account).

2. Enter Username (your Hawai'i Life email address).

3.  Leave Password field blank (upon initial log-in).

4. Click Sign In.

5. Scroll to top input field and erase ZipForm’s pre-populated password (if there is one).

6. Enter your own personal password; twice as required. 

7. Click Sign In.


Important Notes

  • ZipForms Plus is free and lets you complete contracts more efficiently.
  • Your HL ZipForm account contains our custom created templates for contracts and tagging of contracts for Docusign.
  • If you already have a ZipForm account, you can export your current files and import them into your new Hawaii Life Zipforms account..
  • New to ZipForms? Check out the ZipFormsPlus support page.