Put Your Contacts To Work

 You’re nearly done with onboarding! Here we share the What, Why and How-to’s of sharing your contacts with Hawaii Life so you can put Hawaii Life’s powerful CRM solution to work for you and your clients.

When your contact comes into contact with any part of our system we log that lead, provide great customer service and direct that person to you.


1. Download the Template

We have a handy spreadsheet that makes it simple for you to share your contacts with the CRM system. 

Download Template

 2. Share your Contacts

Use this form to request the import of your contact list into the CRM system. You will receive a confirmation and followup from the Hawaii Life team. 


Helpful Resources

Use these videos to learn about how to collect your contacts and other helpful information.


We're here to help you with questions you have. Please ask your BIC or Rhonda Hay about any policy related questions. 

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