1) Upload your Head-shot to Hawaiilife.com

1. Create a Gravatar Account

2. Log into your HawaiiLife.com Account

3. Click Account Preferences


4. Click “Upload Your Image“

5. Select your Gravatar-based head-shot

6. Click “Update Preferences” at the bottom

2) Upload Your Bio Content to HawaiiLife.com

1. Log into your HawaiiLife.com Account


2. Click Account Preferences

3. Scroll to the blank “Bio” box and input your Bio details

4. Click “Update Preferences” at the bottom



  • We suggest a standard head-shot; good lighting; pleasing or plain background.

  • Photo does not need to be professionally taken; Higher resolution to start is best (72dpi)

  • Clothing: comfortable, tasteful “Hawaii-professional business casual”

  • Before Uploading: re-size your image to 200w × 200h pixels